Environmental Management System

Today the environmental performance of a company is a primary concern to its stakeholders. And it has become a significant factor in companies' commercial success or failure.

An Environmental Management System promotes commitment to a systematic approach and to a model of continuous improvement.
ISO 14001 is the internationally recognized standard for environmental management proficiency. It is regarded as the 'Gold Standard' by the widest possible range of audiences, from governments and corporate clients to individual consumers. This gives a significant commercial advantage.

The benefits of an Environmental Management System

can be summarized as Competitiveness, Costs and Reputation:

- Assuring customers of commitment to environmental management
- Satisfying investor criteria and improving access to capital
- Improving cost control through waste reduction
- Reducing incidents that result in liability
- Conserving input materials and energy

- Ensuring compliance with legislation
- Enhancing corporate image and environmental stewardship
- Reduction in risks

An Environmental Management System is applicable to companies of any size and industry sector.