Quality Management in Projects

ISO 10006 can be used by organizations to ensure that they are applying the process-based approach of ISO9001 to projects, although the use of the standard is not a requirement of third party certifications It can, however, be used as a basis for agreement between the organizations involved in the project.

According to ISO 10006, the rules of quality management include:
- Orientation of the client,
- Leadership,
- Engagement of people,
- Process approach,
- System approach to management,
- Continuous training;
- Making decisions based on the facts,
- Advantageous connections with suppliers.
These general rules should be the basis of quality management systems in both initiating and realizing enterprises.

Successful management of the enterprise processes within the quality management system is necessary for an organization to be achieve its aims. All quality management systems should be as consistent as possible with the quality management system existing within the initiating organization.